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  • Aerospace Grade Carbon Fiber 

  • High Impact PoronXRD® Foam

  • 3D Printed Silicone Grip

  • Anti-Microbial to prevent odors

  • Almost Weightless at 1.5oz 

  • Razor Thin - 3.5mm

  • Lifetime Warranty 

  • 10X MORE Protection

Soccer Carbon Fiber Shin Guard


"I've used these shin guards for about two weeks now in both the outdoor and futsal setting, and have been thoroughly impressed.

I'm a player who loves to play with speed and hates distractions on my feet. Comparing these to the Nike Mercurial lite, and Adidas ghost pro shin guards, the Haka ones are much thinner and lighter. 
I need something that gives me full protection with minimal distraction, and that is exactly what @haka_athletic provides."



"Perfect choice with the carbon fiber, ultra light shin pads. They are extremely light and with their non-slip technology there was no issue with it staying in place. Definitely looking forward to using these in a game."



"Miren nada mas que espectaculares espinilleras de @haka_athletic .
Fabricada con fibra de carbono y con una impresion en 3D sobre
la espinillea."



”No joke, these are the greatest shin guards I've ever put on. The durability, lightweight material, and simplicity is brilliant.”

The Advantage




PoronXRD Impact foam for Shin Guard

PoronXRD® Technology is the backbone of the Haka Shield with its technologically advanced properties. PoronXRD® is breathable and is easily customized and incorporated in a variety of designs. The PoronXRD® protection difference is especially apparent at high speed impact. The soft contouring material instantly dissipates force – absorbing up to 90% of energy at high speed impact.*

Shin Guard made of Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber is integral to the safest Shin Guard on the market. Carbon Fiber is 22x stronger than the injection molded plastic used to make other shinguards. The inherent stiffness of Carbon Fiber allows for the force of the tackle to be displaced throughout the entire shin guard instead of just the point of impact.  They provide unsurpassed protection vs. foam and plastic shinguards! Check out this independent study that compares the protection of Carbon Fiber Shin Guards with those made of plastic. 

Best Shin guard in the world

Lightweight and Razor Thin,

you won't even notice you're wearing them. Each shin guard weighs in at an astonishing 1.5oz, allowing for more speed and greater endurance while dominating the game.

The Shin Guards also are the thinnest on the market at just 3.5mm. This makes the annoying and cumbersome bulk of the traditional shinguard a thing of the past.


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