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Adam Freeman, President 

Haka founder Adam Freeman was raised in Southwest Virginia where he learned just how rough soccer can be. As one of the smallest but most physical soccer players, he discovered that superior protection was needed to push his limits. The physicality of the sport, from the training grounds to match days, spurred the idea to create the best protection possible.

At 16, Adam decided to throw away his cheap plastic shin guards and with the help of an aerospace engineer he was able to replace them with a design that utilized a much more technically advanced, higher-quality material. His junior year in high school he began wearing his first carbon fiber prototype and as a senior he was able to take the abuse of 60+ games while setting six state records. Adam went on to play soccer in college in the heart of Virginia where he lead the team all four years in scoring and assists wearing the very same prototype he had created years earlier.

After receiving his degree in business, Adam decided to team up with several partners  in an effort to bring the lightest, strongest and safest shin guard  to market.  

Harris Haynie, CFO

Jason Li, Production Manager 

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